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The best equipment is a key component of optimal results.  Our hospitals are equipped with the following industry-leading technology:

      • LASIK by Schwind Esiris EpiLasik, Excimer Laser – provides freedom from glasses and contact lenses
      • Phacoemulsification and MICS(micro-incision cataract surgery, Carl Zeiss, Germany – used in cataract surgeries
      • Visu 150 microscope along with mono/multifocal focal – used for toric/ toric multifocal IOL implantation.
      • Collagen Cross-Linking(C3R) – treats Corneal Disease
      • Yag  laser (Carl Zeiss, Germany) – provides Capsulotomy and treats Glaucoma
      • Visuals 532 S laser (Carl Zeiss, Germany) –  for Retinal disorders
      • Cirrus OCT (Carl Zeiss, Germany) – treats Retina/Glaucoma/Cornea disease

      • Humphrey Visual Field (Carl Zeiss, Germany) – Glaucoma Progression Analysis

    • The ZEISS SL 120 Slit Lamp – It is a prime example of the successful synthesis of high optical performance and optimized operation that characterizes the slit lamps from Carl Zeiss Meditec. The SL 120 is an extremely versatile, all around performer. Applications include the anterior segment, the vitreous and fundus.

An outstanding optical system generates a brilliant, crisp image with razor-sharp definition for slit rotation, slit decentration for retro-illumination and an illuminated field of 14 mm. An optional tiltable prism head is available.

The SL 120’s high transmission capability minimizes light loss which means more light for observation and greater protection of the patient’s eye from excessive irradiation. More light also means improved documentation and fluorescent exams.

    • IOLMaster 500 – As a comprehensive biometry solution, the IOLMaster® 500 is the preferred method of keratometry for toric IOL calculations1. The IOLMaster 500 now includes the Holladay 2 in its broad menu of recognized formulas for the automatic calculation of the targeted IOL. The IOLMaster 500 is simple, intuitive and fast. It provides precise measurements by providing surgeons the tools they need to optimize outcomes.

    • HUMPHREY HFA FIELD ANALYZER – It is intended to identify visual field defects for the purposes of screening, monitoring and assisting in the diagnosis and management of occular diseases such as glaucoma and related neurological disorders

    • Autorefractor Keratometer – Autorefractors are used to measure the degree of refractive error in the eye, and are suited well toward applications such as differentiating corneal from lenticular aberrations, and assessing pre-and-post refractive surgery patients. The patient focuses their vision on a fixation target such as a hot-air balloon floating over land.

    • OPTOVUE OCT – The Optovue OCT provides the newest technology available today for Retina, Optic Nerve, and Cornea imaging. It is instrumental in the diagnosis of Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma, Diabetes, Retinal and Optic Nerve Disorders, Corneal Dystrophies, etc. By performing 26,000 scans per second, this technology provides a 3-Dimensional MRI type image that allows access to the retina and optic nerve that cannot be viewed by other means. This often allows for more accurate diagnoses and better treatment strategies.
      OCT is used to image the retinal layers. It uses light waves to produce images of the retina, much like sound waves in USG. OCT has opened a new frontier in management of macular diseases.

    • VISUCAM 500 from ZEISS
    • FFA MECHINE – Advanced features such as fundus autofluorescence, easy stereo image handling and innovative assessment of macular pigment optical denstity (MPOD) are combined with intelligent auto functions that enable reproducible and intuitive imaging for every single patient eye.
      This is a magnified photography of the retina using an injectable dye. It helps in confirming diagnosis, to decide on the mode of treatment and evaluate the treatment given.

    • B SCAN – B Probe provide high resolution imaging of the retina and orbit . real _ time video recording play backand editing of B _scan

    • The SCHWIND CORNEAL WAVEFRONT ANALYZER – It offers all the possibilites of an innovative topography system. This includes the analysis of corneal wavefront data and thus a particular precise diagnosis in the symptomatic aberrations of the cornea.

    • The Schwind Esiris Excimer Laser: – The Schwind Esiris is the 6th generation highly sophisticated 
Excimer laser. Fast and accurate: with a repetition rate of 
200 Hz and a very small spot size of 0.8 mm, the ESIRIS 
provides ideal conditions for highly precise treatments.

    • A SCAN MECHINE – The PalmScan A2000 AScan Biometer is a unique device capable of performing both applanation as well as immersion biometry. It does both quickly and with extreme accuracy.

    • INFINITI phaco machine – Alcon’s most desirable phaco machine….this Infiniti system is complete and freshly upgraded with 2.05 software, including Ozil and IP Software.
      We include 1 phaco handpiece, original accessories and the user manual.  Our technician also refurbishes the unit to ensure its operating condition.
      Featuring OZil® Intelligent Phaco software upgrades, the INFINITI® Vision System puts optimized OZil®torsional emulsification at your fingertips. With enhanced fluidic management and surgical control, the INFINITI® Vision System delivers the strategic advantage in customized phaco procedures.


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