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Your Visit

What To Expect

Out-patient services :


Alsalama Hospital offers a wide range of innovative products and hi-tech services to our patients. Irrespective of Sundays and festival holidays, we dedicate ourselves to give excellent treatment to our patients. Our morning out-patients service begins as early at 8.00 am and winds up with 5.30 pm. Emergency services are available on all days, throughout the year in our main hospital. Computerized vision checking is provided for each and every patient. They are then directed to the specialized Ophthalmologists treating them as the out patient. On examination, if they have to undergo specialized procedures or tests , counseling is done to clear the doubts of the patient and we give the awareness of the facilities available.

We have various sub specialties like Cataract, Cornea, Gluacoma , Neuro Ophthalmology, Retina, Uvea, Orbit & Occuloplasty and refractive Surgery. We also have an Optometry Department specialized for contact lens and computerized vision analysis.

In-Patient Department :

Full fledged operation theatres at Al Salama Hospital are equipped with its state of the art technology, equipments and highly professional management and staff. Our In-patient facilities include luxury A/C rooms, single and double occupancy and general ward. Well supporting and fully trained nursing staff give 24 hour service to the in-patients.

Patient Waiting Area :

A well-lit & spacious atrium welcomes the patients to the reception & registration desk. The patient waiting area with comfortable seating is located outside the respective consultation suites. Alsalama Eye Hospital do their best to ensure that the patients are seen as soon as possible and according to the order of appointments. A degree of priority is given to patients whose clinical needs are highest.

Patient Care Services :

Alsalama Eye Hospital provides a patient friendly atmosphere. Our doctors and staff do their best to ensure that the patients are seen as soon as possible besides these we have an unique concept of time motion studies which specify maximum time requirements for patient checkups and all consultants abide by the time concept. Hospital also have various pro-patients policies which take adequate care of their respective clinical rights. They have efficient patient grievance redressed policies too.

Front Desk:

The front desk executives help patients to complete initial registration formalities as well as providing all the assistance and required information to the patients. They also provide appointment schedules for revisits.

Excutive Lounge:

Executive Lounge has become an exemplary leader for Quality Management Systems & receives many international delegates, guests and visitors. Alsalama Eye Hospital gives importance to guest relations with a friendly and cheerful environment, coupled with courteous and caring staff who will give a first and lasting impression

Surgical Coordination & Patient Counseling- Individualized:

Surgical coordinators and counselors guide the patient professionally to choose among various surgical packages. Counselors are trained and have the expertise to answer all your queries .They also provide precise pre-operative and post operative guidelines. If patient have no history of diabetics, hypertension or any other disorders they will be given the time and date for surgery, but should be present here the day before surgery to undergo preliminary tests and fitness from physician.

Cashless- Mediclaim:

Health insurance today is emerging as a major component of general insurance. More and more establishments are now focusing on health & safety amongst their employees.  Learn more about insurance programs Al Salama accepts.